We're Open! Call for an appointment today! 434-847-6290
We're Open!Call for an appointment today!434-847-6290 

Business Hours  by Appointment                           (434-847-6290)                                      We no longer accept credit cards.           

Monday          11:00 am to  12:30 pm.

Tuesday         11:00 am  to  6:30 pm.

Wednesday     9:00 am  to   3:00 pm.

Thursday       11:00 am  to  6:30 pm.

Friday           11:00 am  to  5:00 pm.

Saturday       If needed.               


 Please Note: currant or active clients may be scheduled for other hours in addition to listed hours.                               






Massage Rates                  60 minutes  $70.00          Packages not available.    Fees based upon time.


Cash or Check

We no longer accept

credit cards.

Muscle Therapy, Inc.

Jim McFarland

409 Euclid Ave Suite A

Lynchburg Virginia


 (private parking behind   house-gravel lot)


    Thai Massage!!!!

    With Starr Shank ,CMT,                   LPTA

     Thai Massage rates 

    60 minutes  $80.00



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