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We're Open!Call for an appointment today!434-847-6290 





Deep Tissue Massage , Sports and Muscle Therapy in Lynchburg Va.                                                                                             All appointments are 1 hour sessions. 

  We specialize in a variety of highly effective massage therapy modalities, (which include deep tissue, athletic massage) and many more geared toward eliminating pain and stress.(Check out our modalities page) We've been in business since 1995.

Locally owned and operated, and where an hour is still 60 minutes.                                                               

Note from Jim:


These are some of the more common things

we treat here at Muscle Therapy.


-Headaches and migraine headaches


-Recent "Cricks" and stiffness in the neck.


-Full body deep tissue massage therapy - although my techniques for deep tissue vary from common practices. 

(32 years = a lot of my own techniques.) I don't believe in brutal treatment. No one should be bruised, and while you might be a little sore the next day, you won't be writhing on the table during the session! 


-Low back complaints; schedule for an hour,  If it isn't helping in a visit or two, I will probably recommend another type of therapy from another healthcare professional.


-Midback pain, including third trimester thoracic pain. Usually a half hour will suffice.


-"Sciatica" - as the term is commonly used, can mean many different things. Sometimes, there can be other serious issues, like a herniated disc. (In cases where serious pain persists, I prefer that clients see a Chiropractor, PT or MD before making an appointment at Muscle Therapy.)


-SI pain - that is, sacroiliac pain that is of muscular origin. I've developed some new protocols for assessment and treatment, having refined them over the last 3 years. Sometimes requires several treatments, mostly hour long sessions.


-ITB issues, which are often caused by excessive pressure issues in the lateral compartment of the thigh.





We do not take insurance,  personal injury

cases (i.e. automobile collisions) or workers comp cases.



Massage Rates                  60 minutes  $70.00          Packages not available.    Fees based upon time.


Cash or Check

We no longer accept

credit cards.

Muscle Therapy, Inc.

Jim McFarland

409 Euclid Ave Suite A

Lynchburg Virginia


 (private parking behind   house-gravel lot)


Note: We will be relocating our office in 2021.


    Thai Massage!!!!

    With Starr Shank ,CMT,                   LPTA

     Thai Massage rates 

    60 minutes  $80.00



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