Our office is closed until further notice. We look forward to serving you when we resume operation. Stay safe!
Our office is closed until further notice.We look forward toserving you when we resume operation.      Stay safe! 

A Message to our Clients and Friends


We have considered re-opening - we have considered and re-considered. Our conclusion is that we cannot open at this time, for the following reasons:


*We cannot guarantee your safety nor our safety.

*We cannot guarantee, in this time of "Contact Tracing,"   your privacy.


Short version answer to when we will open again:

When indoor seating at restaurants is allowed to resume,

in usual numbers (not 50% less than full.)


While there are rules to prohibit seeing people who are sick, we have seen a lot of people over the years who don't mind making appointments while they have the flu, a cold or other. It's unfortunate, and we didn't think it was wise, but we saw them anyway. I never apporved of the practice.


We have no objections to other regulations, such as masks. I happen to think this is a good idea, considering my experience in seeing people with flu and cold viruses and bacterial infections.


Now, this disease is one that the government thinks is worthy of quarantine (or self-quarantine.) We understand that if we see ONE PERSON with COVID-19, we likely will have to self-quarantine for up to two weeks, regardless of whether or not we become ill.


This means, with Contact Tracing, someone who came in a month ago who develops the disease may list us as contacts, and this means we will have to close, and give them Your name and information, even if you didn't come in at the same time, the same day, and perhaps the same week. We see promises from bills being considered, but we also were promised that our Social Security numbers would only be used for Social Security - and that was a big fat lie.


The following is disinformation, because it states that "there is a limit on how Grantee organizations could share information collected with the federal government."

Says NOTHNG about the State government, which regulates healthcare providers.


They also claim that the bill wouldn't make testing or quarantining "mandatory." This is more hogwash, as the state could do what it wanted with it.

Consider Michigan's ridiculous law against buying garden seed; that wasn't federally mandated, either.




We aren't big enough to sit out 2 weeks or more, While we are worried about our safety and yours, we are just as concerned that we are being needlessly exposed, while indoor restaurants are not allowed to operate. Obviously, we are in closer contact with you than your server at a restaurant!


We are ALWAYS washing our hands, even to an excess: we keep our office clean, and we use bleach on our face coverings in the wash, and a 2 hour sanitary cycle for sheets and pillowcases. We see people on the hour and a half for hour long sessions, which gives people plenty of time to get in and out without meeting up with others (with the exception of when two therapists are working in different room, and that is rare.) Our hour sessions, unlike many, are actually an hour.


We had already decided to stop seeing people for less than an hour, because two half hour appointments are required to make up for a single hour, which means double the clients, double the exposure. The state has recommended sessions for an hour or less, and and hour is what we will do. No more, no less.


When restaurants open up with nomal volume, indoors, we will resume operations. We don't feel safe until that time, and we will not participate in Totalitarian schemes to monitor or track you movements.

That's it for now,



Jim McFarland, LMT


Deep Tissue Massage , Sports and Muscle Therapy in Lynchburg Va.                                                                                             All new first time appointments are scheduled for 1 hour minimum. 

  We specialize in a variety of highly effective massage therapy modalities, (which include deep tissue, athletic massage) and many more geared toward eliminating pain and stress.(Check out our modalities page) We've been in business since 1995.

Locally owned and operated, and where an hour is still 60 minutes.                                                               

Note from Jim:


These are some of the more common things

we treat here at Muscle Therapy.


-Headaches and migraine headaches


-Recent "Cricks" and stiffness in the neck.


-Full body deep tissue massage therapy - although my techniques for deep tissue vary from common practices. 

(30 years = a lot of my own techniques.) I don't believe in brutal treatment. No one should be bruised, and while you might be a little sore the next day, you won't be writhing on the table during the session! (for a comprehensive treatment, 90 minutes is recommended


-Low back complaints; schedule for an hour,  If it isn't helping in a visit or two, I will probably recommend another type of therapy from another healthcare professional.


-Midback pain, including third trimester thoracic pain. Usually a half hour will suffice.


-"Sciatica" - as the term is commonly used, can mean many different things. Sometimes, there can be other serious issues, like a herniated disc. (In cases where serious pain persists, I prefer that clients see a Chiropractor, PT or MD before making an appointment at Muscle Therapy.)


-SI pain - that is, sacroiliac pain that is of muscular origin. I've developed some new protocols for assessment and treatment, having refined them over the last 3 years. Sometimes requires several treatments, mostly hour long sessions.


-ITB issues, which are often caused by excessive pressure issues in the lateral compartment of the thigh.


 Why are our rates staying the same?

Our prices will still remain below the local average! We're still the better deal!  


Here's Why:


We schedule clients with a 30 minute break between sessions. Wether it is a half hour or an hour session.  This is something unique to Muscle Therapy, Inc. Nobody else does this!


Most people doing massage in the massage industry rush you in and out of your session, and if you happen to be 5-10 minutes late, you lose that time from your appointment! Not us: while we encourage people to be on time, we leave more leeway so that you aren't penalized for being late. It's built in.


In addition to that, our interviews for clinical massage are far more extensive, while most massage offices offer very little in the way of real "consultation." If you have a complicated treatment issue, we may need to spend 15-20 minutes interviewing you, so that we can properly treat the problem. We don't charge for consultations-(but we never do consultation-only.)


Another inportant difference between us and "Massage R US" ( a name I give to corporate massage entities) is that our 60 minute sessions are actually 60 minutes! The massage industry in general calls a 50 minutes massage an hour, but we think that's ridiculous, and we've heard complaints from all over about clients feeling rushed, and having sales people trying to sell packages and gimmicks. We never sell contracts.


If you're not comfortable, we're not comfortable!


You may choose to wear shorts, yoga pants, jog bra ( you may still request a sheet if you like) or you can stay in full clothing, especially with headache and neck treatments. We try to explaining every procedure so that you know what we're doing and why, especially if those are somewhat more technical, like TMJD treatments and upper hamstring issues and hip pain and low back pain and upper cervical work.


My goal, as it has been for the last 30 years, is to help you resolve your problem(s) with the least number of visits, to be effective and comprehensive and compassionate.


Because we are so generous with our time and expertise, in 2018 we had to raise our prices. That's, in part, because our business model allows for great fluctuation, and we can be either wildly busy or very slow. During really busy time, Jim often extends hours, both early and late, in order to accomodate people. If you have a migraine or a running injury, you don't want to wait a week or two for treatment!



30 minutes  $40.00 (same as before)

45 minutes  $55.00

60 minutes  $70.00

90 minutes  $100.00

120 minutes  $ 130.00

Note: our gift certificate are for hours and are not divisible.


We do not take insurance, and we no longer accept personal injury

cases (i.e. automobile collisions) nor do we see workers comp cases.

No exceptions.



Massage Rates                  60 minutes  $70.00          Packages not available.    Fees based upon time.


Cash or Check

We not longer accept

credit cards.

Muscle Therapy, Inc.

Jim McFarland

409 Euclid Ave Suite A

Lynchburg Virginia


 (private parking behind   house-gravel lot)


    Thai Massage!!!!

    With Starr Shank ,CMT,                   LPTA

     Thai Massage rates 

    60 minutes  $80.00



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